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“The most special memories from our trip to the area came as a result of Jordi’s suggestions. Not only does he know all the best places, he has a lovely story for each of them! We experienced the hidden gems that cannot be found in a guidebook; everything was organized thought-fully and with great care. His expertise provided us with an exceptional vacation.”


Red Sanders
Owner & President, Red Productions
Los Angeles | Fort Worth

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“Exquisite services, excellent partners and the best treatment.
Joyful, friendly and empathic, Jordi gives a unique touch to the services. Through his deep knowledge of the region, he takes you to the places and experiences you would never find by yourself.”


Atlantida Travel

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“Thanks Jordi. From the first moment you listened carefully what was my company goal. You are really a professional, seeking that all was perfectly executed, making everything easy for everybody and with the capacity to surprise us. At the end the best result was my guests satisfaction. Next year we are going to see you again !”


Mr Colet
New Jersey, USA

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“You truly surpassed our expectations as a travel advisor.
You offered us excellent and unique choices and were attentive and communicative throughout the process. Your care was evident and we would not hesitate to recommend you confidently to others.”


David T.Viecelli
President The Billions Corp.
Chicago, USA

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“You create magical experiences Jordi.
Simply because you truly understand the difference between authentic travel that clients desire compare to mass tourism.”


Nicki Mason
C.E.O. and Owner, Sterling Days