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As Hans Christian Andersen wrote in his autobiography, ‘to travel is to live’.

Our Vision is that you live a personalised and exclusive travel through or in the Nouvelle Aquitaine, the largest and most diverse administratative region in France.

It offers, in addition to its famous wines and wineries, sea and snow and a culture based in art, music, architecture and fine gastronomy.

We want to introduce you to this extraordinary place. The facility to travel today is open to all but what is more challenging is to find the places with the exclusivity, style and elegance that the discerning traveller seeks today.

We can do that for you in Nouvelle Aquitaine.


Jordi Bernal, the founder of Campmany, was the highly successful owner/manager of a boutique Chateau hotel near Bordeaux.

Renowned for the quality of life he provided for it’s guests, Jordi elected to further develop his services to the elite traveller by founding the exclusive concierge travel service, Campmany. With his experience and contacts, you will visit, see and experience the most exclusive areas, cultural sights, restaurants and hotels in the region.

The extent of the services offered can be structured to individual’s or group’s travel wishes, for business or for personal pleasure.

The experience can be refined to the most minute detail or be allowed to freewheel, with on the spur of the moment decisions as to where to diner or where to wander. (Clearly some of the exclusive places that can be visited must be arranged well in advance as the visitor numbers are highly controlled.)

Personalised & Exclusive Travel
Personalised & Exclusive Travel
Personalised & Exclusive Travel
Campmany Bordeaux